Apparently, There's Pumpkin Spice Toilet Paper Now—Here's Where to Get It

Here’s a pumpkin on a toilet.
Here’s a pumpkin on a toilet. / steverts/iStock via Getty Images Plus
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Every year as summer fades into autumn, it seems like pumpkin spice turns up in just about everything, from lattes to skincare products. Now, here's another thing to add to the shopping list: pumpkin spice-scented toilet paper.

This seasonal toilet paper by Green Meadow Valley is actually real, and it's available to purchase by the roll. The scent, which is formulated with natural essential oils like clove, ginger, and cinnamon, isn't on the paper itself, but on the cardboard tube inside. So, while you might be tempted to use this as a gag gift—either for yourself or to give to others—it's safe to use the old-fashioned way, too.

Buy the Green Meadow Valley Pumpkin Spice-Scented Toilet Paper on Amazon

Some reviewers noted that the scent can come on a bit strong, but by and large, the reviews for this 4.5-star rated toiletry item are positive. One reviewer mailed a roll to a friend who loathes the pumpkin-spice trend and wrote: “[Five] stars because it amused me endlessly.” Another customer gifted one to a relative who uses it as a decoration in her bathroom. “It’s the talk of the bathroom whenever someone goes in,” the reviewer added.

If you want to take your obsession with all things pumpkin up a notch—or gourd, as it were—consider grabbing a roll of this silly but useful toilet paper on Amazon today.

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