Funko’s New ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Board Game Lets You Choose What You’d Do in the Show’s Funniest Situations

David! / Funko Games
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Many of us will probably never lose a massive fortune due to our business manager’s crooked dealings, forcing us to relocate to a derelict town we bought as a joke. But while the premise of Schitt’s Creek isn’t widely relatable, many of its finer plot points are (albeit often exaggerated for the noble aim of eliciting a good laugh).

As with any great sitcom, part of the fun of watching the modern Canadian classic is deciding which character you most identify with. Do your snarky asides make you the Stevie Budd of your friend group, or are you much better known for your flair for drama and enviable wig collection—a Moira Rose at heart?

Funko’s new Schitt’s Creek board game, Love That Journey, lets you explore these questions—and the world of the series at large—on a deeper and funnier level than ever before. The goal of the game is simple: Progress through the town and arrive at the infamous welcome sign ahead of everyone else. 

Players take turns drawing cards that fall into one of two categories: The “Tête-à-Tête” cards require you to choose which of two characters you’d rather involve in a given situation; for example, whom you’d ask to choreograph a dance number, or whom you’d want next to you at a turkey shoot. (You also draw cards to determine which two characters to feature in the hypothetical.) 

The “Would I … ” cards, on the other hand, ask you to choose between two situations: Are you more likely to accidentally sell a car, or accidentally join a cult? If Twyla invited you to a party, would you just attend—or would you pull a Moira and RSVP as pending? You keep your answer to yourself, and everyone else has to guess what it is. Whoever’s correct gets to move forward on the board. 

schitt's creek party game 'love that journey'
Would you rather cook a family recipe with David or Jocelyn? / Funko/Amazon

As Schitt’s Creek fans no doubt have already realized, the questions are all directly inspired by moments from the show itself, making the game an especially fun and interactive way to revisit and discuss your favorite episodes. If that sounds like a journey you’d love for yourself, you can order Love That Journey for $20 from Amazon.