Watch the Stars of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Crack Each Other Up in This 12-Minute Blooper Reel

(From left to right) Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, Dan Levy, and Eugene Levy in January 2020.
(From left to right) Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, Dan Levy, and Eugene Levy in January 2020. / Manny Carabel/GettyImages

Beloved Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek is so good at making viewers burst out laughing that you might wonder how its cast members kept a straight face long enough to film a single scene. As you can see in this blooper reel, they often didn’t. 

Based on the reel, it seems that Catherine O’Hara, who plays matriarch Moira Rose, cracked up most frequently (though she did her fair share of inspiring co-stars to chuckle, too). The scene that gave her the most trouble, as she revealed during a 2020 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, is from season one, episode eight, titled “Allez-Vous.” In it, Moira and David (Dan Levy) try to sell their fellow town residents on some questionable cosmetics, which doesn’t exactly go according to plan.

“[David] was so nervous trying to sell this product, and he had also tested out the tanning cream, and it was yellow-orange, and he looked like a goldfish caught in headlights,” O’Hara said. According to Eugene Levy (who plays Johnny Rose), “Catherine started the scene and could not look at him without laughing.”

Eugene Levy had a similar experience when his character and Chris Elliott’s character, Mayor Roland Schitt, teach Stevie (Emily Hampshire) how to golf during “Murder Mystery” (season three, episode six). It wasn’t the only time Elliott caused Levy to ruin takes: According to Levy, Elliott would purposely try to crack him up on set.

And while both O’Hara and Levy have extensive improv backgrounds, Schitt’s Creek shot from full scripts, so there was a fair amount of funny line-flubbing, too. See it all for yourself below.