Uncommon Goods Has Great Valentine’s Day Gifts—and These Are the Best To Get for Under $50

Capture the sweetness of the season with these thoughtful finds.
Capture the sweetness of the season with these thoughtful finds. / Neil Edley / Uncommon Goods

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, some couples may be in a mad dash to find something thoughtful to give for the big day. While flowers and candy are certainly tried-and-true staples during this time of year, those aren’t necessarily unique items to surprise a loved one with, either.

If you want to put a special twist on things this time around without dropping a small fortune, consider Uncommon Goods. This B Corp specializes in celebrating independent designers and offers tons of quirky (yet still sweet) products via its online marketplace, making it a great destination for Valentine’s Day gifts under $50. And this season, the retailer is offering even more delightful finds that are sure to make your partner’s heart surge with joy.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts under $50 at Uncommon Goods: The Heart Vase is pictured.
They'll be admiring this heart-shaped vase for weeks, easily. / Tracy Llewellyn / Uncommon Goods

Whether you just started dating or you’re searching for something for yourself or a friend, this Valentine’s Day collection offers a little something for everyone. For the tween who loves crystals, you may want to grab this geode heart candle from creator Astra Crosby. Handmade with a burn time of about six hours, each candle mimics the look of a real gemstone (you can choose from amethyst, opal, or rose quartz) and retails for $22.

Meanwhile, someone with a sweet tooth (and maybe a broken heart in need of mending) might appreciate this $40 chocolate pizza made by Neil Edley, which comes with a wooden mallet so they can “hammer out” whatever heavy feels they might be experiencing on the holiday, but still indulge in something yummy right after. Another $40 grab is this Edison-style light bulb, which is fully cordless and rechargeable, but also has a heart-shaped “filament” inside that gives off soft hues, ideal for setting a romantic vibe right at home.

This handmade porcelain vase from designer Tracy Llewellyn is another fun option. Available for $50, it is expensive compared to some of the other Valentine’s Day gifts on the site, but because it’s shaped like a heart, it can help put a tender spin on that fresh bouquet of roses you just ordered, and makes for a good statement piece in any home decor.

Beyond products, Uncommon Goods is also offering a variety of gifts to experience under $50, which could be perfect if your partner is hard to shop for or finds more meaning in creating special moments together. From aphrodisiac cooking for two (where you and your love create a sensual dinner menu) to a Valentine’s Day tarot reading, these selections run the gamut and can help make your evening all the better.