This Wearable Neck Fan Looks Weird, But It Will Help You Stay Cool During the Next Heat Wave

Whether you're on a hike or at a game, this portable fan is designed to travel with you.
Whether you're on a hike or at a game, this portable fan is designed to travel with you. / JISULIFE / Amazon
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On scorching-hot summer days, staying cool is a top priority. But if you’re someone who works outside or is otherwise always on the go, finding effective ways to beat the heat every time the temperature starts to climb can feel like a real struggle. For those days when you can’t just stay put inside and keep the air conditioner running at full blast, you’ll need a better solution—and with this fan-favorite neck fan, JISULIFE is one brand that’s rising to the occasion.

Available on sale on Amazon starting at $23, the JISULIFE wearable neck fan looks like a sleek set of headphones, but it’s actually designed to keep your face cool for up to 16 hours at a time. It offers three speeds and operates via a rechargeable battery, so you can go about your day without having to plug this weird-but-useful gadget into an outlet every time you want to avoid working up a sweat.

Woman with a pink JISULIFE wearable fan around her neck.
This wearable fan operates at whisper-quiet levels, according to the brand. / JISULIFE / Amazon

The secret to its effectiveness, according to many of the nearly 35,000 Amazon shoppers who have reviewed it, is in its 78 air outlets, which are built into the device and help deliver continuous, 360-degree airflow. That means the gust it generates isn’t just blowing directly into your face, but rather, it’s moving all around it to provide a crisp, invigorating breeze that never quite leaves your immediate vicinity. “I work in a distribution warehouse and it gets really hot during the summer. Add a face mask on to that and it’s miserable,” wrote one customer. “Well, this fan helps a lot.”

Worried about the noise level? According to the brand, the motor has been modified so it operates at whisper-quiet levels (JISULIFE claims it’s so low, you’ll still be able to hear your own breath). Several users back this up, too, with one noting: “The noise level is background-type noise. It cools me off without drowning out my surroundings.” Others say that at its lowest speed setting, you can’t hear this gadget running much at all.

At 9.1 ounces (or about 0.5 pounds), this wearable neck fan is also fairly lightweight, and the silicone blend it’s made from makes it soft to the touch and easy to clean. “This thing is great. I’m not sure how I delivered mail for 15 years without it,” another reviewer wrote. “It doesn’t suck in my hair, and it’s light enough that I don’t even notice it on my neck. I have since recommended it to several coworkers.”

Get this 4.3-star-rated gadget on sale on Amazon starting at $23 with the on-page coupon and choose from five colors, including hunter green (the cheapest), gray, and soft pink. While you’re at it, check out these clever (but sometimes perilous) ways that folks kept cool before air conditioners became a thing.

A version of this article was originally published in 2022 and has been updated for 2023.