“Mirrors With Memories”: Why Did Victorians Take Pictures of Dead People?
In the 19th and early 20th century, postmortem photography was as normal as prom photos.... READ ON
9 Macabre Auctions of Celebrity Memorabilia
A vial of blood, a scrap of wallpaper from a death room, and Marilyn Monroe's last check.... READ ON
Live Inside One of England's Largest Cemeteries
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9 Unusual Last Wills
One was called "the legacy of bitterness."... READ ON
Slovakian Brothers Bury the Competition in International Grave Digging Contest
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Is This the Most Mysterious Grave in Virginia?
In 1816, a woman died and was quickly buried in Alexandria, Virginia. Two hundred years later, the "Female Stranger" remains an enigma.... READ ON
See the Elaborate Kites Used in Day of the Dead Celebrations
In Guatemala, mourners celebrate the departed by building kites up to 57 feet in diameter.... READ ON
New Mexico Company Transforms Human Remains Into Ceramics
From dust to dinnerware.... READ ON
How Tuberculosis Inspired the 19th-Century New England Vampire Panic
Some families were so desperate they were willing to try anything, even exhuming their loved ones.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
Century-Old Photos From Some of the Nation's Prettiest Cemeteries
Mossy oaks, crumbling tombs, and George Washington's grave.... READ ON
Show & Tell
Needlework in Memory of the Departed
In the 1880s, nobody was excluded from elaborate mourning rituals.... READ ON
9 Unexpected Reuses for Coffins
When it comes to recycling, why let cans and bottles have all the fun?... READ ON
Le Karnice, the Victorian Coffin Designed to Save Lives
Fears of premature burial were rampant in the 19th century. A coffin designed by a count tried to come to the rescue.... READ ON
8 of the Most Fascinating Cemeteries You Can Visit
Whether you’re interested in rock ‘n’ roll, history, art, or medicine, the nameless or the famous, here's where to go.... READ ON
This Explorer's Corpse Has Been Trapped in Ice for More Than a Century
Keep an eye out for his skeleton in the sea in about 250 years.... READ ON
Life-Size Graphite Skeleton Draws Itself Into Oblivion
Artist Agelio Batle’s “Ash Dancer” will eventually vanish like the lead of a person-shaped pencil.... READ ON

In 1835, John Wilkes Booth’s father Junius threatened to kill President Andrew Jackson.

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