Vintage Toy Commercials

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Remember when Mr. Potato Head was just an actual, edible potato with stuff you'd stick into him? And "Captain Action" promised to be any superhero you


could afford the clothes for? Here are some vintage toy commercials to bring back all your toy longings of yore.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

So the Potato Heads used to be literal potatoes. Warning: if you're young, this might scare the hell out of you.

Captain Action

"So super-powerful you can change him into nine of the mightiest superheroes of all time!" ...If you buy the NINE OUTFIT KITS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Chatty Cathy

"Let's play house." Includes a career outfit -- for nursing school, of course.

Lite Brite

I remember really, really wanting one of these. And I also remember stepping on the loose pegs after I had one.

Superelasticbubbleplastic and Super Ball

Ingredients of Happy Fun Ball include an unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space. (This is the original Happy Fun Ball.)

Captain Midnight and the Secret Squadron

Want to be a member of the Secret Squadron? All you have to do is drink Ovaltine. Lots and lots of Ovaltine. Of the drink, Captain Midnight says: "It's got what it takes for you to be a leader in your gang." That must have seemed so innocent at the time.