10 Creative and Clever Crochet Crafts


Crochet is more than just afghans made of granny squares. Modern amigurumi artists can recreate just about anything they want in yarn, with the help of a hook and an eye for detail.

1. All Eleven Doctors

Allison Hoffman at Crafty is Cool has completed a commissioned collection of Doctor Who amigurumi figures, featuring the likenesses of all eleven actors who've portrayed the Doctor on the BBC series. Pictured here is the fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison from 1981-1984. At the site, you can see all the crocheted Doctors side-by-side with the TV version. One clever detail is that the first Doctor, from the early 60s, is crocheted in black, white, and gray, except for the skin tone, as the series was broadcast in black-and-white at that time. If you'd like to try this yourself, you can pre-order the patterns from Hoffman's Etsy shop

2. Weeping Angel

Another Doctor Who character/icon/demon recreated in yarn is the Weeping Angel. This one was made by Michelle of the Etsy store Twimoon. The angel is about 8 inches tall and each one is made to order. Ordering one will confirm that you are immune to the mythos surrounding this character, or else you haven't seen that memorable episode.

3. Mythbusters

Photo credit: Flickr user Kim Tairi.

Kim Tairi makes all manner of crocheted amigurumi figures. The instantly-recognizable figures of Adam Savage and Jamie Heineman of their TV show Mythbusters stand out! You can read an interview with Tairi about her crochet characters at GeekDad and see more pictures of her works at Flickr.

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation

As tiny as these figures are, each one is recognizable as a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jana Ford made these for a friend's birthday. That's one lucky friend! See each one up close at her site.

5. Firefly

Instructables user SiraRaven crocheted the character Mal from the TV series Firefly and just kept going until the entire crew of the Serenity was present and accounted for! Some of the clothing and jackets were crocheted separately, so they are interchangeable between the figures. Some of the details of making them are posted at Instructables.

6. Mia Wallace

Shove Mink at Croshame finally saw Pulp Fiction because she was commissioned to create this scene from the movie in crochet. Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is being revived from a heroin overdose by a huge shot of adrenaline. Impressive work, even if you haven't seen the film! See more angles and details at Croshame.

7. Nutella

Really, who doesn’t love Nutella? This crocheted version doesn't even have calories! It was originally posted to Instagram by bon_chic

8. PSY

Jessica Nevin made her very first amigurumi figures as a gift for a friend. She jumped in with both feet, choosing to recreate such a popular and familiar person as PSY, the K-pop singer behind "Gangnam Style," and it turned out quite well! To go with it, she also crocheted the IKEA monkey with a sweater that matches PSY's jacket. The result is a nice pair of internet memes in amigurumi.

9. Breaking Bad

Alison Hoffman finished up Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad last summer just in time to start working on the Doctor Who collection. These amigurumi figures are smaller, about 4 inches tall, and come with the proper accessories from the TV show, such as yellow hazmat suits and tiny yarn bags of blue meth.

10. Restroom

Artist Liisa Hietanen assembled this bathroom as an art installation at a gallery in Finland. The toilet, sink, drain, toilet paper, cleaner, waste basket, towel dispenser, and even the tiles are made of yarn! This 2011 project was a combination of knit and crochet. See more pictures of the details

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