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ABBA Classics Sung in Swedish (and Spanish)

Chris Higgins
Olle Lindeborg, AFP/Getty Images
Olle Lindeborg, AFP/Getty Images / Olle Lindeborg, AFP/Getty Images

ABBA is back! Thirty-five years after the Swedish pop sensation stopped making music together (and less than a year after it was announced that the band would go back on tour... as holograms), the 1970s group that made "Dancing Queen" a world anthem has announced that they've recorded two new songs. As you await the new tunes, take a moment to sit back and enjoy some of your favorite ABBA tunes performed in other tongues.

Warning: tons of lip-syncing ahead!

"WATERLOO" (1974)

Waterloo - så har man funnit'sin överman Waterloo - mäktig och väldig och stark är han Waterloo - allting känns rätt, och det är min tro Waterloo - du är mitt öde, mitt Waterloo Wa Wa Wa Wa Waterloo - du är mitt öde, mitt Waterloo

"S.O.S." (1975)

Säj vem kan svara och vem kan förklara? S.O.S. Var är min kära som var mej så nära? S.O.S.

"FERNANDO" (1975)

Okay, technically this is from Anni-Frid's solo album, but some enterprising YouTuber has cut together ABBA band footage with the Swedish version, and added English subtitles.


To make up for that last one being a solo version, here's a take on "Fernando" from ABBA's Spanish-language "Gracias Por La Música" record.


One more Spanish-language classic.

"HONEY, HONEY" (1974)

Honey honey, underbara, ah-ha, honey honey honey honey, söta rara, ah-ha, honey honey