What the Internet Looked Like in 1995

YouTube / Computer Chronicles
YouTube / Computer Chronicles / YouTube / Computer Chronicles

Want to learn all about "The Internet"? Check out this classic episode of Computer Chronicles, where the team goes in-depth on the World Wide Web—a trendy topic in 1995. It starts with host Stewart Cheifet in a new-fangled "Cyber Cafe," complete with bulky CRT display and tiny espresso cup—and its datedness just gets more intense from there.

Need to know the best FTP site to download the Mosaic Web browser? John Markoff of The New York Timeswill tell you (he'll also tell you how he gets email from Steve Jobs, and show you how he makes email filters in Eudora). Want to know the inside story of how the geek band Severe Tire Damage streamed (sorry, multicast over the Internet MBone) a concert online? It's all here.

Sample line: "The complexity of programming 'links' can be overwhelming." Also: "I wouldn't put my credit card up until there's security software that will protect the credit card." (Good advice, but ... remember when we didn't have secure credit card processing online?)

In the comments, don't forget your Netiquette. (Aggh, it's 1995 again and I'm stuck on Usenet! Meet me on rec.arts.sf.tv.st.tng for some Trek chat. No Spiner Femmes.)