New Google Maps Feature Helps You Find Your Parked Car

iStock / iStock

A new feature from Google Maps could drastically shorten the time you spend wandering parking lots. As Mashable reports, the app now gives users the option to save their parking location before stepping out of the car.

The new feature is available in the latest update of Maps for iOS and Android. To access it, users tap the blue dot on the map that shows their location. A list of options will pop up, one of which reads: “Set as parking location.” After selecting it, a blue circle with the letter “P” inside appears, marking where you parked.

The pin was designed to track parking spots, but, in theory, it could work for any location you need to leave and come back to later. Android users are able to take a photo of the space, add a note detailing where it is, and set a timer reminding them when to start heading back. On iOS, an address and photo pulled from street view are automatically attached to the location. Both versions allow users to share the location with a friend.

The technology first appeared on Google Maps beta for Android in March, before making its official launch on both platforms on April 25. A different automatic parking-detection tool has been available on Maps through iOS since 2016. To use it, drivers had to connect their devices to their cars via bluetooth. This latest feature is accessible to everyone and can be activated manually.

[h/t Mashable]