This Group of Kids Provides Free Lawncare for Housebound and Elderly Neighbors

Unkuhrupted / Unkuhrupted

Not everyone can mow the lawn with ease. To help out those that can’t, a group of Louisville, Kentucky-based teens are breaking out the mowers and hedge-clippers to keep yards tidy for housebound neighbors.

Called UnKuhrupted, the group of young volunteers provides lawn-mowing services around Louisville to people in need who aren’t able to care for their lawns themselves, including those whose health issues prevent them from working outside in the heat. Their services are free for the elderly and disabled around Louisville, Kentucky, and the teens also landscape around abandoned houses that have been vandalized and work for families who can’t afford lawn-care equipment.

Alan, Demontae, Thomas, and Travis will do more than just cut your grass. On the UnKuhrupted site, they list eight different services, from a basic lawn trim to full landscaping services that include weeding, mulching, and trimming bushes. During the fall and winter, they do leaf and snow removal, and homeowners can commission them to clear or paint over graffiti.

Right now, a mother of one of the teens, Barbara Wilson, is raising money for the project through a GoFundMe campaign, helping to defray the cost of lawn-mowing equipment, mower maintenance, and gas. The kids volunteer their time, but they get credits for their donated labor to put towards an annual group charter trip to Disney World, according to the GoFundMe page, and any excess funds from the campaign will go to supporting that trip.

According to Wilson’s note on GoFundMe, the boys are “well-mannered, respectful kids who noticed that some of their neighbors are unable to maintain their yard due to various reasons” and decided to take action.

They seem to be pretty talented with those hedge trimmers, too.