The Clumsy Stormtrooper Who Banged His Head Just Had to Poop

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

They may have been villains, but the Stormtroopers of Star Wars weren’t always suave. In a now-infamous scene in Star Wars Episode IV — A New Hope (1977), one of the white-helmeted foot soldiers marched straight into the top of a doorway. (Space ships weren’t meant for tall people, apparently.) In honor of the movie’s 40th anniversary, the actor underneath that helmet finally told The Hollywood Reporter what happened: He had to poop.

Actor Laurie Goode came down with a stomach bug on his second day of filming. He had already run to the bathroom several times that day, and was about to duck out again when he was put in the shot. His attention was, understandably, somewhat distracted from the task at hand.

As he told the Reporter:

On about the fourth take, as I shuffled along, I felt my stomach rumbling, and 'bang,' I hit my head! As I wasn't moving too fast, it was more of a scuffed bash, so it didn't hurt, but as no one shouted 'cut,' I thought the shot wasn't wide enough for me to be in frame.

Presumably he was too busy planning out just how he was going to get out of that body armor in time.

It happened to be the last take before the crew wrapped that scene, and Goode didn’t know his fumble had made it into the movie until he saw it in theaters. It has since become an integral part of the movie, and the 2004 DVD re-release featured enhanced sound effects to make the subtle blooper more obvious.

However, the identity of the Clumsy Stormtrooper is actually a bit controversial. Previously, actor Michael Leader claimed to be the hang-banger. (Leader died in 2004.)

We’re inclined to believe Goode, because most people don’t make up stories about their diarrhea emergencies from 40 years ago, but then again, people do crazy things for fame all the time. Considering the design of those helmets, more than one Stormtrooper probably whacked his head over the course of filming, even if only one incident made it into the movie.

Star Wars YouTuber Jamie Stangroom is currently crowdfunding a documentary that aims to get to the bottom of the Clumsy Stormtrooper mystery, so we may one day have a more definitive answer. But for now, we’re happy to believe the bathroom emergency theory.

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Kodak’s New Cameras Don't Just Take Photos—They Also Print Them

Your Instagram account wishes it had this clout.
Your Instagram account wishes it had this clout.

Snapping a photo and immediately sharing it on social media is definitely convenient, but there’s still something so satisfying about having the printed photo—like you’re actually holding the memory in your hands. Kodak’s new STEP cameras now offer the best of both worlds.

As its name implies, the Kodak STEP Instant Print Digital Camera, available for $70 on Amazon, lets you take a picture and print it out on that very same device. Not only do you get to skip the irksome process of uploading photos to your computer and printing them on your bulky, non-portable printer (or worse yet, having to wait for your local pharmacy to print them for you), but you never need to bother with ink cartridges or toner, either. The Kodak STEP comes with special 2-inch-by-3-inch printing paper inlaid with color crystals that bring your image to life. There’s also an adhesive layer on the back, so you can easily stick your photos to laptop covers, scrapbooks, or whatever else could use a little adornment.

There's a 10-second self-timer, so you don't have to ask strangers to take your group photos.Kodak

For those of you who want to give your photos some added flair, you might like the Kodak STEP Touch, available for $130 from Amazon. It’s similar to the regular Kodak STEP, but the LCD touch screen allows you to edit your photos before you print them; you can also shoot short videos and even share your content straight to social media.

If you want to print photos from your smartphone gallery, there's the Kodak STEP Instant Mobile Photo Printer. This portable $80 printer connects to any iOS or Android device with Bluetooth capabilities and can print whatever photos you send to it.

The Kodak STEP Instant Mobile Photo Printer connects to an app that allows you to add filters and other effects to your photos. Kodak

All three Kodak STEP devices come with some of that magical printer paper, but you can order additional refills, too—a 20-sheet set costs $8 on Amazon.

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This Fan-Made Opening to a Friday the 13th Saturday Morning Cartoon Is Killer

Jason Voorhees gets animated.
Jason Voorhees gets animated.
Photo courtesy of Frank's Kid, Facebook

If a movie became a hit in the 1980s, it stood a good chance of being turned into a Saturday morning cartoon series. Films like Back to the Future, The Karate Kid, Star Wars, and even the Rambo franchise got animated adaptations.

Owing to its grotesque violence and subject matter, the slasher series Friday the 13th never received that honor (though it did inspire an anthology series). But a fan and artist named Mike Chiechi has corrected this oversight, offering a look on his Facebook page of what a Jason Voorhees cartoon might look like.

Warning: Animated violence follows:

The premise for the series would not seem to lend itself to longevity, as Jason has a habit of dismembering his sidekicks.

Chiechi has also imagined what The Exorcist game package might have looked like for the Nintendo Entertainment System and what could happen if killer doll Chucky met The Berenstain Bears. And while we’re unlikely to see a Friday the 13th animated series unless Adult Swim makes a bold move, it would make a nice complement to the very real Jason Voorhees breakfast cereal released by Funko in 2018.

You can check out more of Chiechi’s mash-up work on his Instagram page.

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