Watch This Supercut of 150 Memorable Title Drops From Film History

Roman Holiday, Vimeo
Roman Holiday, Vimeo / Roman Holiday, Vimeo

Love them or hate them, title drops—that moment in a film when the title is announced in dialogue—are an enduring trope in popular cinema.

In some cases, a title drop can act as an inciting incident for the rest of the film. (Think: Ashton Kutcher asking Seann William Scott, “Dude, where’s my car?” upon realizing his car is missing.) Other times, it can arrive in passing and string together a series of seemingly disjointed vignettes. (Think: The children in Me and You and Everyone We Know locating themselves and everyone they know amongst a sheet of dots.) And those are just two (contemporary) examples.

In a new supercut from Roman Holiday, the cinephile wrangles together 150 examples of memorable title drops spanning film history. You can watch the full video below, or imagine an alternative universe in which a film's end credits roll at the precise moment the title is dropped here.

Title Drops from Roman Holiday on Vimeo.