Why Certain Airplane Seats Have a Triangle Above Them

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Even the most seasoned travelers are unaware of some of the behind-the-scenes secrets that allow airplane flights to run smoothly. We've already covered the significance of the chimes you hear in plane cabins. Now, Travel and Leisure has revealed the meaning behind a symbol that’s hidden in plain sight.

You may have noticed the tiny, triangular stickers marking the center of airplane cabins—you might have even sat beneath one. They come in red or black and are used to indicate the best vantage points for scoping out the wings of the plane. If the crew ever needs to see if a flap is working correctly, or if a wing has been de-iced thoroughly, the window under the sticker provides a good view.

The triangle seat also offers unique views of the wing that some passengers may find appealing. But anyone still scarred by the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" should probably keep their blinds shut. The spot even has been dubbed "William Shatner’s Seat" in honor of the actor’s role as a nervous flier who sees a gremlin on the wing of his flight. Fortunately, the worst thing about the seat in real life is potentially dealing with a flight attendant leaning over you to peek out your window.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]