5 Animal Couples Who Got Married

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Getting hitched isn't just for people. Here are a few animals that took the leap into holy matrimony.

1. Weddings Are Going to the Dogs

Wendy Diamond, founder of Animal Fair magazine, is one of the many humans who have competed to arrange for their pet to participate in the most expensive dog wedding. One party that held the title in the past spent over $32,000 on an affair that included a chocolate fountain for the humans (the pooches couldn’t partake—chocolate is poisonous to dogs).

But Ms. Diamond wanted to ensure her puppy’s Guinness Book title couldn’t be beaten so easily, so she put together a pet wedding worth $158,000—including a dog dress valued at $4000. Before you get too disgusted, it’s worth noting that while the wedding was worth that much, Diamond didn’t actually pay a penny for the event. Instead, all the foods, dresses, services and everything else were donated, and the wedding itself was a fundraiser for the Humane Society; reserving tables at the party cost $10,000 each.

Unfortunately, during the planning process, Diamond’s puppy Lucky passed away from cancer of the spleen, causing a

last minute

bridal replacement. The wedding planner quickly headed to a local shelter and adopted a new best friend, Baby Hope, who was soon married to celebrity comfort dog, Chilly Pasternak, in front of celebrities such as Bette Midler … and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who officiated the ceremony.

2. Don’t Say “Neigh,” Say “I Do”

To celebrate Valentine’s Day last year, the Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Program helped their once confirmed bachelor, Packer, tie the knot with his true love, Honey Bun. In his mid-thirties, the lovely stallion finally decided to finally settle down with his lovely—and much younger—22-year-old fiancée. The ceremony was simple, but beautiful, culminating in the two sharing a slice of tasty wedding cake.

3. This Wedding Was Just Monkey Business

A zoo in Wenling, China organized the event hoping to attract more visitors. Don’t miss this link to more photos. Wukong and Xiaoya's formal wear is just fantastic.

4. This Wedding Was For the Birds

It seems to be fairly common for zoos in China to hold wedding ceremonies on Valentine’s Day in order to attract visitors. Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World held a group wedding ceremony for penguins that they were hoping would start breeding together. These two even got to enjoy a lovely car ride in a convertible.

5. Do You Take This Bride Until You Croak?

Not all animal weddings are such light-hearted affairs. In India, frog weddings are sometimes held in small Hindu villages during times of drought with the hopes that the marriage will please the rain gods and ensure enough rain for a good harvest.