There’s an Easier Way to Clean Your Microwave

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No appliance breeds more workplace resentment than the office microwave. One employee's minestrone spatter is another person's reason to post passive-aggressive notes about courtesy, professionalism, and the mythical kitchen fairy. But peace is attainable, even without scrubbing. All it takes is a bowl, tap water, and one lemon, and the beleaguered microwave will do the rest.

You’ll essentially be steam-cleaning the gunk off the microwave walls. The added acid from the lemon juice acts as a detergent, breaking down the crust of last week’s curry explosion.

André Karwath, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.5

The Kitchn explains how to do it.

Step one: Gather a microwave-safe bowl, one lemon, and a dishcloth or a wad of paper towels.

Step two: Pour about a half-cup of water into the bowl.

Step three: Slice the lemon in half. Squeeze both halves into the water, then add them to the bowl.

Step four: Microwave the whole setup on high for three minutes, until the water boils, then let it stand, with the door closed, for another five.

Step five: Remove the bowl carefully. Use your towel to easily wipe the microwave's inner surfaces clean.

Step six: Write another passive-aggressive note. (Who are we trying to kid? Lemons can't resolve this drama.)

[h/t The Kitchn]