This $6000 Toilet Warms Your Seat, Plays Music, and Flushes on Command

Kohler / Kohler

If you buy Kohler’s latest high-tech Numi toilet, you’ll probably never leave the bathroom again. Unless it’s to yell at your Amazon Echo, that is. As Mashable reports, Kohler’s high-end Numi toilet can now be controlled with voice commands, so you’ll never have to flush the toilet with your own hand again.

The Numi intelligent toilet has been around for a while, offering beyond-luxurious features like Bluetooth music streaming and a lid that opens and closes with a remote. As Kohler announced at this year’s CES technology trade show, though, this year’s update will make it as intelligent as the rest of your smart appliances. After all, if you can turn on your lights with your voice, why can’t you flush your toilet with it?

Numi hooks up to the new Kohler Konnect smart system, allowing you to automate functions and yell at Alexa, instead of your partner, to remember to put down the seat. You can program the toilet’s settings in the smartphone app and then ask Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to turn the built-in bidet to your favorite setting, warm up your seat for you, or change the color of the toilet's ambient nightlight.

Kohler Konnect can be used with other products to auto-fill your bathtub with water at a specific temperature, turn on custom shower settings, or shut off your sink after it pours exactly the right amount of water. If you get the Kohler smart mirror with its built-in Alexa function, you can ask your Numi toilet to play you your favorite pooping tunes, too. (Don't worry—if you don't want to yell at your toilet, you can just use the touchscreen remote.)

It will be available this fall, and Kohler estimates that it will cost somewhere between $5600 and $7800.

[h/t Mashable]