11 Words for People Who Hate Certain Things

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Haters gonna hate. And with the Greek roots mis- and miso-, they can hate a whole lot of stuff.

1. Misodoctakleidist

Someone who hates practicing the piano. See also: Someone who isn't very good at playing the piano.

2. Misocapnist

Don't like smoking? Well, it kills these people. Misocapnists hate tobacco smoke in any form.

3. Misoneist

Misoneists hate novelty, trends, or innovation. You can guess how fun they are at social gatherings.

4. Misopogonist

Someone who hates beards. (Strangely, we haven't found the name for someone who hates mustaches.)

5. Misogelast

Lighten up! Victorian novelist George Meredith coined the term "misogelast" to describe people who hated laughter, or at the very least, considered it low-class or crude.

6. Misogamist

Misogynists hate women. Misandrists hate men. And misogamists hate marriage, no matter who's getting hitched.

7. Nomomisist

Someone who experiences nomomisia, hatred or disgust for a particular name, like Gertrude, Chester, or Kardashian.

8. Misopolemist

Why can't we all just get along? Misopolemists hate war or strife.

9. Misologist

Meanwhile, misologists hate arguments, debates, or enlightening discussions.

10. Misapodysist

Someone who hates undressing in front of others, even a romantic partner.

11. Misophonist

Many of us experience some form of misophonia, an extreme intolerance for certain sounds. Nails on a chalkboard is the ultimate example. Or perhaps it's gum smacking, open-mouthed chewing, crunching on ice, or other sounds regularly heard in public. Ugh.