Looking to Hit the Road This Summer? You Can Rent an RV for $1 Per Day

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Gas prices aren't getting any cheaper, but that isn't stopping vacationers from hitting the road this summer. The American road trip is making a comeback, and some savvy travelers have figured out how to save money while racking up miles.

According to ThePointsGuy.com, you can find RV rentals for as low as $1 a day as long as your departure date and destination are fairly flexible. That's because it costs RV rental companies a lot of money to transport their vehicles across the country from one branch to another, and as a result, many are willing to offer heavily discounted rates to drivers who will do the work for them.

Author Katie Genter writes that she was able to rent a five-person RV for a "relocation rental" of $1 per day, on top of being reimbursed for gas and receiving a $100 travel allowance. The only catch? These deals are typically advertised just a day or two before the company needs the vehicle, so you'll need to be ready to hit the road at a moment's notice.

One website, imoova.com, advertises discounted relocation rates for RV, camper, and car rentals in the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. You can select your country and choose from one of the journeys listed, or enter your pick-up location, drop-off location, and the number of passengers to find a trip that best suits your needs.

Another service, Transfercar, primarily advertises discounted car rentals with pick-ups in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas. Some rental companies, like Apollo RV, Jucy, and Cruise America, offer relocation deals directly on their websites. (If you do spot a deal on Imoova, Transfercar, or another third-party site, ThePointsGuy.com recommends checking the original rental company's website to see if you can book it directly through them, because they'll sometimes offer additional incentives.)

No special license is needed to drive an RV, but most companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old, and some prohibit pets and young children from riding along. If you're in need of a little guidance, check out the best and worst states for summer road trips based on road conditions, gas prices, and notable attractions.

[h/t ThePointsGuy.com]