Disney's Marvel Superhero Land Details Revealed

Zade Rosenthal, Marvel/Disney
Zade Rosenthal, Marvel/Disney / Zade Rosenthal, Marvel/Disney

Construction for a Marvel superhero land is well underway at ​Disneyland California Advent​ure Park. Phase one of the land is set to be complete by 2020 and about two years later, phase two will be completed.

Not a lot of details have been released about what exactly we can expect from the Marvel attraction, but here's what we known so far.

​According to Wow News Today, the former "It's Tough to Be a Bug" theater is being updated into a Spider-Man attraction which seems to be a 3-D ride experience where riders get their own web shooters.

Near the ​Spider-Man ride, there will be a Doctor Strange show where guests can meet the character in a courtyard. The Marvel superhero land will also feature a Quinjet, like in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as a roller coaster, though there are no specifics about the coaster's ride or theme.

In the plans for dining options are an ​Ant-Man-themed microbrewery and a counter service restaurant. Lastly, there will be a large shopping center next to the phase two Avengers ride as well as a small shopping area across from the Spider-Man attraction.

Wow News Today confirms that all of the aforementioned details about the upcoming land have been confirmed by internal documents. Fingers crossed we get some more details about what the expect from the new land in the near future.

The Marvel superhero land is expected to open at Disneyland California Adventure in 2020.