Can You Spot the Hidden Bat in This Spooky Image?

Shaunacy Ferro

Here’s a little puzzle to haunt you this Halloween: Try to find the bat in this spooky hidden-image puzzle, whipped up by It’s surprisingly tricky. Can you sort through the jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, black cats, witches’ hats, and bubbling cauldrons to find the lone bat?

The solution is below, but no peeking.

To keep you busy, we suggest that you beef up your bat knowledge. Perhaps you want to read up on facts about bats, myths about bats, or the role bats play in making tequila?

What about vampire bats?

Bats and Hitler?

Yelling bats?

OK, we get it, there's only one bat you really want to see. Scroll down to see the solution.