Avengers Stars Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo Trolled Each Other Over Old Photos

Mark Davis, Getty Images
Mark Davis, Getty Images / Mark Davis, Getty Images

There was no way ​Mark Ruffalo's Marvel Cinematic Universe peers were going to let his old high school photo post go by without some light teasing. The latest installment of ​the trolling is by none other than his Avengers co-star, Chris Evans.

Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, tweeted his photo earlier this week, and when Captain America star Evans got his hands on it, he posted it to his own Twitter account.

The next day, Ruffalo retaliated after getting his hands on some gems of Evans from when he was a kid. Ruffalo tweeted two photos of his co-star, including one of the actor in front of a laser backdrop, and recycled Evans's caption.

​​Evans hilariously responded to Ruffalo's tweet, claiming he could've used all the friends he could get and defending his choice of the laser background. "Clearly I coulda used the friend. Also, I changed the form on the way to school and checked the laser background box instead. Sadly, it didn’t have the effect on my social standing that I had initially presumed," he wrote.

Soon after, fellow MCU star Don Cheadle (​War Machine) jumped in to back up Evans's pro-laser decision.

Fingers crossed we get a whole archive of Marvel stars's awkward childhood photos!​​