This Extra-Tall Christmas Tree Will Keep Your Ornaments Out of Reach of Cats and Kids

Argos / Argos

Big and bushy Christmas trees laden with a bough-bending mass of ornaments may look festive, but if you have kids or animals in the house, they can also be a source of anxiety. Little hands and paws have a tendency to grasp at branches, bat at shiny ornaments, and otherwise wreak havoc on your festive foliage, posing risks to both your decor and themselves.

Enter the half Christmas tree, the extra-lanky cousin of the traditional Yuletide spruce or fir that's designed to be cat- and kid-friendly. The 6-foot-tall artificial tree from the UK retailer Argos looks like a regular tree on top, but it’s placed on an extra-long pole so that it perches high above the floor like the Christmas tree version of a stilt house. It’s made from PVC and is fire-retardant, meaning it’s also a safer option for your family for other reasons. (Dry Christmas trees cause hundreds of fires every year, and those fires tend to be fast and deadly.)

With its lengthy trunk, the tree will keep any hanging ornaments out of reach of young children and curious cats, keeping it and them safe this holiday season. Plus, look how many presents you can fit stacked underneath it!

You can get a half tree from Argos for $42.50 (£33.33). There's also a version that comes topped with fake snow.

Remember, baubles on trees aren’t the only aspect of holiday celebrations that can pose a risk to your animals. Make sure to keep all your holiday cookies and treats high out of reach, too, and even if you have an extra-tall tree, you should probably avoid decorating with tinsel.