Once Upon a Deadpool's Post-Credits Scene Is Surprisingly Emotional

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Fans of Deadpool and his movie series no doubt love the character in part because of just how crude and foul-mouthed he can be. So when it was announced that a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 was being released in theaters, even some of the character's biggest fans weren't immediately sold on the idea, since it seemed like it would simply be a toned down version of the original sequel.

But when promos for the reedited film, titled Once Upon a Deadpool, arrived, people's opinions began changing.

The Once Upon a Deadpool trailers promised a new version of the film that would see it set up in the style of The Princess Bride, with Ryan Reynolds's character telling a grown-up Fred Savage about his escapades.

While the trailers made it clear that Once Upon a Deadpool would offer a whole new way to see the sequel, nothing we saw quite prepared audiences for the film's post-credits scenes.

(Spoilers Ahead)

According to GamesRadar, instead of simply censoring the epic post-credits scenes from Deadpool 2, the new film has all new footage, beginning with Deadpool and Fred Savage talking about how awesome post-credits scenes are. The original (albeit edited for a PG-13 audience) Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes then play, and then things take a turn toward the emotional.

The final scene is a tribute to the late Marvel mogul Stan Lee. We get to see Lee’s outtakes from his Deadpool 2 teaser cameo, which then lead into an interview where Lee is asked what he wants to be remembered for. His answer? As someone who "wrote some really good stories."