'Netflix Extended' Plug-In Selects the 'Skip Intro' and 'Are You Still Watching?' Buttons For You

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Watching shows on Netflix is a lot more convenient than sitting through commercials on regular TV., But for some viewers, the two seconds it takes to hit the "Skip Intro" button is enough to interrupt the flow of their favorite baking competition or true crime show. For an uninterrupted, all-day binge-watching session, there's a new Google Chrome extension that ensures you'll never have to move your hands until it's time to close your laptop.

According to KnowTechie, the Netflix Extended plug-in automatically skips intros, recaps, and that "Are you still watching?" prompt that reminds you just how much time you've spent in bed. Installing the extension also enables keyboard shortcuts for Netflix, so if you do ever need to switch shows, you can do so while expending as little energy as possible. Pressing N brings you to the next episode, B goes back to the previous one, Escape returns you to your browser, and R plays a random title from the video selection screen.

Other features make your Netflix experience more pleasant, even if they don't necessarily save you time. You can allow the extension to mute the trailers that automatically play when you're browsing the Netflix homepage, and if you're watching from a tablet or smartphone, you can disable the play/pause feature on the touchscreen.

Netflix delighted impatient binge-watchers when it introduced the Skip Intro button in 2017, but plug-ins like Netflix Extended give users even more control over their viewing experience. For more ways to tailor the streaming service to fit your needs, check out these hacks.

[h/t KnowTechie]