Avengers: Endgame Reportedly Has No Post-Credits Scenes

Film Frame/Marvel Studios
Film Frame/Marvel Studios / Film Frame/Marvel Studios

The first time fans were gifted with a post-credits scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in 2008's Iron Man. Ever since, audiences have remained reclined in their seats, waiting until the credits pass for any extra footage that might hint at things to come in future Marvel movies.

Post-credit scenes have become the norm over the years, giving fans intense cliffhangers or even just some funny scenes of the Avengers grabbing food after a big battle. But as epic as Avengers: Endgame will be, those who were lucky enough to be invited to early screenings of the film are reporting that the movie won't feature any post-credit teasers, according to CBR.

The choice to not include a post-credits scene could be because Marvel wants the conclusion of Endgame to be, well, the end. And not adding a hint at what’s to come will certainly help to reinforce the fact that the film is marking the end of an era. However, as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed (and contrary to what has regularly been reported), Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the film to close out Phase 3 of the MCU—not Avengers: Endgame. Which makes the lack of any post-credits footage all the more curious (though maybe the studio is just holding them back until the film is officially released to the public).

Then again, given the film's three-hour-and-one-minute runtime, it's possible the studio just wanted to give those viewers dying for a bathroom break a chance to split.

[h/t CBR]