This Book Subscription Service Gets Its "Literary Matchmakers" to Hand-Pick the Perfect Book For You

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For bibliophiles, a trip to the local bookstore can easily end up becoming an all-day affair—not to mention a major drain on the wallet. While we still adore bookstores and all that they have to offer, sometimes, too many options can be daunting.

That’s where Page 1 comes in. This book subscription service curates a selection of books tailored to your personal interests, so you don’t have to spend countless hours browsing. Its team of “literary matchmakers” will send you a box each month containing one hand-selected book, and usually “a little something extra” as a bonus.

According to Page 1, its business model is not designed to push books that have high sales targets, so you’ll probably end up with a classic or two, if it’s in line with your interests. “We are sharing our love of books with you, and sometimes that means a book that came out 10, 20, or 50 years ago,” Page 1 writes in its FAQ section. “Where would Jane Austen be if we all only read bestsellers?”

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The boxes contain a mix of hardcover and paperback books, but you can opt for the hardcover-only option for an additional fee. There’s also a subscription service for kids that selects books based on the child’s age, reading level, and interests. (Plus, Page 1 offers a subscription box via the Book & Wine Club, but that, of course, is for adults.)

When you sign up online, you’ll be asked whether you want a three-month ($65), six-month ($120), or 12-month ($225) subscription. After that, just fill out a short questionnaire about the books and authors you love, and the ones you’d rather do without. If you have a Goodreads profile, you can drop a link in the application to prevent them from sending books you’ve already read. But if this happens, you can keep the book or give it to a friend, and then request a different title to replace it. The same guarantee applies if you don’t like the book chosen.

Visit Page 1’s website to sign up, and check out these 10 other subscription boxes you may enjoy.