A Spoiler About Dany's Dragons May Be Hiding in the Teaser for Game of Thrones's Next Episode


While Game of Thrones is notorious for the secrecy surrounding its production, fans can usually count on the teasers that run at the end of each week's episode to get at least a tiny hint at what’s coming next.

One fan, however, may have found a significant spoiler hidden in a shot that appears in the teaser for Sunday's upcoming episode. While we know the locations of most of the characters for the start of next week’s episode, we haven't known where Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are—until now.

As reported by Inverse, Redditor spacelyyy989 turned up the brightness on a gif of the Unsullied troops lined up for battle where two dark shadows can be seen overhead, which many people are assuming are Dany's dragons. (See the evidence here.)

Daenerys's two creatures being at the forefront of the battle either mean they’re apart from her when the White Walkers arrive, or that she’s riding one of them. That also means that Jon Snow could be with them—if he and Daenerys haven't parted ways since he dropped the bomb that he’s actually the heir to the Iron Throne … and her nephew.

Drogon and Rhaegal have certainly had big roles in this season so far, especially in the premiere episode which saw Jon riding Rhaegal (before he finds out he’s a Targaryen).

Given that the Night King has Daenerys’s third dragon, Viserion, whom he turned into an ice dragon in season 7, it’s good to know going into this imminent battle that Winterfell has two powerful creatures on its side ready to fight. It's going to need all the help it can get.