Game of Thrones Could Be on a Time Loop, According to Fan Theory

Helen Sloan, HBO
Helen Sloan, HBO / Helen Sloan, HBO

Is Game of Thrones taking a page from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and saying, "Let's do the time warp again?"

One new fan theory for the long-awaited ending to the final season of the beloved HBO show series is arguing that we could see a major time loop in the series. The theory, posted by Redditor borisius449, suggests a pretty wild idea:

"We all know the world in Game of Thrones is different. Seasons aren’t the same and the world might even be hollow instead of spherical. My theory is that time also is different. I think time in Game of Thrones is a loop, just like the cycle of days and the cycle of seasons time will come full circle. The last three episodes are going to be about the ending of the current ‘time-loop’ and the start of the next. All the old stories Old Nan speaks about in season 1 about the 'Long Night' lasting generations and the White Walkers roaming through kingdoms are actually based on the events in season 8."

The author continues:

"In the coming episodes a giant catastrophe is going to happen, which is going to wipe out almost all humans, starting the new time-loop. This will be the actual 'Long Night' (and it is what Daenerys sees in her vision in the tower). A few men will survive, one of which is Bran. (These last men are referred to as the First Men in the folklore.)"

The fan says this explains why Bran would play an important role in the proposed time-loop. "Remember another Three-Eyed Raven that couldn’t walk? Exactly, the previous one,” the user continues. “Maybe after the great catastrophe Bran will instruct the First/Last Men to build the wall as Bran the Builder and travel beyond the Wall afterwards to hug a tree until he becomes one. A few thousand years later he will pass his knowledge onto himself when he and the Hodor gang visit him."

This theory would be a wild way end to a show, which lines up pretty well with reactions from the cast about the show's conclusion. We'll just have to wait and see.