How Gendry Could Be a Key Ally for Daenerys in Game of Thrones's Fight for King's Landing

Gendry proposes to Arya in Game of Thrones's "The Last of the Starks."
Gendry proposes to Arya in Game of Thrones's "The Last of the Starks."
Helen Sloan/HBO

Warning: Spoilers for all aired episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 ahead.

Based on the latest episode of Game of Thrones, “The Last of the Starks,” Daenerys Targaryen is nearly as vulnerable as she was when the series began: Since season 8 began, she lost Jorah Mormont in the Battle of Winterfell; had her dragon, Rhaegal, killed by Euron Greyjoy in an ambush as they flew back to Dragonstone; saw her best friend and most trusted advisor Missandei executed by the Mountain; and found out that the man she's in love with, Jon Snow, is no bastard of the North, but a secret Targaryen with a claim to the Iron Throne who has the love and support of many—neither of which is being shown to Daenerys, despite the great cost she paid to come fight alongside Jon and the North in the Great War.

Daenerys realizes that if she wants to come out on top in what she called "the last war," she's going to have to make some smart choices as well as a few allies—and quickly. And she has seemingly already started doing so in "The Last of the Starks," when she legitimized Gendry Baratheon and named him the Lord of Storm’s End. When Tyrion tells Dany that the Lord of Storm’s End would be forever loyal to her now, she replies, “You’re not the only one who’s clever.”

As TIME points out, the Mother of Dragons could have had a strategic alliance through marriage in mind: If she had heard whispers about Arya and Gendry's tryst, she might have hoped that a match would help her bridge the gap between herself and Jon’s sisters. But if that was the plan, it clearly flew out the window when Arya rejected Gendry’s marriage proposal.

But TIME also points out that there could be another way Gendry could be useful to Daenerys. He has definitely proved to be a great blacksmith, constructing many dragonglass weapons used in the Battle of Winterfell (including one wielded by Arya to take down numerous wights)—which has fans theorizing that Gendry could make armor for Dany’s last dragon, Drogon, to protect him from Cersei’s dragon-killing crossbows.

"Euron’s giant crossbow proved surprisingly powerful in Cersei’s fight against Daenerys,” TIME writes. “The best way to protect Drogon from a similar fate might be some sort of armor or weapon that Gendry constructs."

Dragon armor might seem a bit random, but art from George R.R. Martin's The World of Ice and Fire has an image of Aegon riding an armored-up Balerion the Black Dread, so it seems that within the world of Westeros, there is some precedent. And based on the look on Euron Greyjoy's face in the trailer for next week's episode, something unexpected is coming.

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25 Classic TV Series Audiences Most Want to See Make a Comeback


There’s definitely no shortage of new television shows to watch these days, but the recent slew of series revivals offers nostalgists the unique opportunity to catch up with their favorite fictional characters without streaming reruns on a loop.

So which TV shows are viewers most eager to see return to screens? To find out, UK-based digital retailer OnBuy analyzed Google search data for a variety of classic series—paired with terms like reunion, new series, and new season—and ranked them in order of average monthly search volume.

Reunion specials or spin-off series have already been announced for some of the shows on the list, so fans could be looking for the latest update on production status or premiere date. For the nearly 90,000 people googling for information about the highly anticipated Friends reunion, which tops the list, we have great news: Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and the rest of the gang will reportedly film it this summer. Game of Thrones came in a not-so-close second, with an average monthly search volume of almost 34,000; there’s been quite a bit of talk surrounding HBO’s alleged four prequel shows for George R.R. Martin’s series, but it looks like the earliest we’ll get to see one is 2022.

Other series on the list have already made comebacks, but some of them left a few loose ends untied or open to interpretation—Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks, for example—giving audiences a reason to hope there might be yet another season on the way.

And then, of course, there are plenty of perpetually popular shows that still haven’t been (and might never be) rebooted. Steve Carell has said in the past that a revival of The Office, fifth on the list, is a bad idea, and creator Greg Daniels thinks it’s highly unlikely.

See the top 25 list below, and pass the time while you’re waiting for your favorite show to return to TV with these 50 great series to binge-watch.

  1. Friends // 88,390
  1. Game of Thrones // 33,880
  1. Dallas // 24,760
  1. Criminal Minds // 13,620
  1. The Office // 5210
  1. Orange Is the New Black // 3750
  1. Breaking Bad // 3430
  1. Seinfeld // 3120
  1. Gilmore Girls // 2700
  1. Roseanne // 2310
  1. One Tree Hill // 2110
  1. Veep // 1990
  1. Modern Family // 1980
  1. Twin Peaks // 1810
  1. House of Cards // 1710
  1. Gossip Girl // 1360
  1. Cheers // 710
  1. Happy Days // 670
  1. Frasier // 560
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer // 530
  1. Mad Men // 510
  1. ER // 360
  1. The Big Bang Theory // 320
  1. How I Met Your Mother // 310
  1. The Wire // 300

[h/t OnBuy]