Win the Game of Thrones With This Iron Throne Phone Charging Station

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An error in the fourth episode in Game of Thrones's final season recently opened up the possibility that Starbucks coffee cups exists in the show's universe. But what would it look like if Jon, Daenerys, or Cersei needed to charge their smartphones? They would probably use something similar to this product currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

Phone-Thrones is a charger inspired by the hit HBO series. After a long day of use, your device can assume its rightful place atop a miniature Iron Throne, albeit one made out of plywood. The stand looks like it belongs at King's Landing, with dramatic lines and a dragon-print quick charge pad.

Beyond the style, there's nothing antiquated about this phone accessory. The Qi charging pad on the seat back is compatible with wireless charging phones of every size and model, including Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Just prop up the phone in the chair and wait for it to charge without fumbling with outlets or USB cords. And if your phone doesn't charge wirelessly, Phone-Thrones also makes a model without the charging pad that works with your existing phone cord.

The pad-less Phone-Thrones Lite stand is now available on Kickstarter for a pledge of $17, and the throne with the pad is available for $28 or more. If the campaign reaches its $9758 funding goal by May 31, backers will receive their orders by September 2019.