Stephen King Has Some Ideas About How Game of Thrones Should End

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If there’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Game of Thrones, it’s that fans of the series have some pretty passionate opinions about it. Viewers, many of whom have been watching since 2011, are bound to come up with their own theories and hold onto them for dear life. Although many seem credible at first, they’re being proven wrong as the final season continues. Even bestselling author Stephen King is ready to go out on a limb with his Game of Thrones predictions.

The acclaimed author—who regularly shares his opinions on books, TV series, and movies on his Twitter account—took to social media earlier this week to weigh in on the Game of Thrones finale. We’re all dying to know who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne, and King had an unexpected prediction. If both Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow end up dying, then Tyrion Lannister is his choice for winner.

He continued with the witty message, “Of course for years some people have told me I don't know how to end a story. I call bulls**t on that, but everyone has an opinion. :-).”

And King wasn’t done there. When a fan replied to him suggesting that Sansa Stark will show up at King’s Landing to take out Cersei Lannister, the author seemed game for this ending.

We’re all placing bets on who will end up victorious in the finale. Game of Thrones's penultimate episode—which Emilia Clarke promises will be bigger than the Battle of Winterfell—airs on Sunday, May 12.