Game of Thrones Fan Theory Suggests Sansa Will Be the One to Kill Cersei

Helen Sloan, HBO
Helen Sloan, HBO / Helen Sloan, HBO

There's no shortage of Game of Thrones theories currently circulating the internet about who (if anyone) is going to be the one to finally kill Cersei Lannister in the final three episodes of the series. One of the most intriguing candidates for the job, as HollywoodLife recently suggested, is none other than Sansa Stark.

Cersei acted as a sort of evil mentor to Sansa while the latter was promised to her son, the just-as-evil Joffrey Baratheon. Sansa is one of the few people Cersei kept close at that time. Even Sansa admits to Jon Snow later on in the series that she “learned a great deal” from Cersei. This just might make her a perfect candidate to deliver the fatal blow.

During the Battle of Winterfell, Sansa's trained assassin sister Arya Stark gives her a dagger and advises her to "stick them with the pointy end," bringing fans back to when the same line was delivered by Jon to Arya in season 1. This dagger will likely come up again in the season.

Sansa killing Cersei would also make sense given the show's omission of the “Valonqar” (which means “little brother in High Valyrian) part of Cersei’s prophecy from Maggy the Frog. It appears in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, but seems to be purposefully retracted from the television show. Instead, maybe Sansa, Cersei’s “little dove,” will be the one who does her in. Arya got one giant kill this season with the Night King—will Sansa get hers in Cersei?

We’ll find out shortly, as Game of Thrones continues with its final last episodes.