Mark Hamill took to Twitter this weekend to debunk some incorrect Star Wars information, or a “#FalseStory” as he called it. It started when a fan was trying to figure out what Luke Skywalker says in a scene from the first film, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope, after he destroys the Death Star, according to CinemaBlend.

A key issue for clarification is that Luke doesn’t exactly say anything. It sounds more like a yell than anything else, but nevertheless, the fan tweeted out: “Still cry EVERY DAMN TIME Han flies in allowing Luke to destroy DS. Now does he really say "Carrie!" when hugging Leia as he deplanes? Sounds like an excited shriek to me. Has this been confirmed?”

The ongoing rumor is apparently that Hamill yells “Carrie,” accidentally saying co-star Carrie Fisher’s real name instead of her character’s name, Leia Organa, when he runs to hug her.

Hamill’s response on Twitter debunked this idea, however, noting that this wasn’t even the first time he had to deny it.

Listen below to hear for yourself. 

[h/t CinemaBlend]