Pampers Is Introducing Smart Diapers That Monitor Pee Status

PredragImages/iStock via Getty Images
PredragImages/iStock via Getty Images / PredragImages/iStock via Getty Images

For decades, assessing the status of a soiled diaper has consisted of performing the sniff test and/or weighing a baby in one’s arms to determine if there’s been some liquid redistribution. Now, Pampers has announced the inevitable: It has created a new smart diaper that can alert caregivers that their little person needs a change via smartphone notification.

The smart diaper, called Lumi, was developed in concert with Verily, a Google company. The system consists of a diaper with a moisture strip, two reusable activity sensors, and a linked camera that can be used to monitor a baby’s sleeping patterns. The egg-shaped sensor attaches to the outside of the diaper and monitors the strip for wetness. Once the baby has made a mess of things, the sensor sends a notification to the Lumi app. Parents can then choose to change the diaper or urge someone else to do it.

The sensors, camera, and app are part of the start-up package. Users will also need to purchase Lumi-optimized Swaddler diapers, which come with a more pronounced moisture strip so the sensor can properly assess soiling.

In addition to keeping tabs on immediate diaper concerns, the Lumi app uses the Logitech camera to chart sleep and wake times and room temperature. Coupled with information about bottles and bathroom breaks, parents can get a wider perspective on their child’s habits. (A bottle at 3 p.m., for example, might lead to perpetual diaper messes at 4 p.m.)

The Lumi diaper is expected to be released in the fall and will be compatible with children up to 1 year old.

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