Salvador Dolly, an Adorable—and Adoptable—Puppy With a Daliesque Fur Mustache, Is the Internet’s Newest Dog Sensation

Hearts & Bones Rescue
Hearts & Bones Rescue

In late July, the Dallas- and New York City-based dog rescue Hearts & Bones partnered with Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center to save a mom dog and her 11 still-nursing five-week-old shepherd mutt puppies, including a female with an unusual marking. Named Salvador Dolly, the puppy bears an uncanny resemblance to legendary Spanish Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, complete with a black handlebar “mustache.” (Dalí's facial hair is such an iconic part of his image that even when his body was exhumed in 2017, his mustache was still intact.)

"Ladies and gents, we give you The Mustache Puppy!," Hearts & Bones wrote on their Facebook page. “We just rescued this pup, her 10 siblings and their beautiful mama thanks to our friends at Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center and a $5000 grant from Maddie’s Fund at the Best Friends Animal Society National Conference! The whole fam is heading to an amazing foster home in Dallas today, where they’ll get lots of love and the medical care they need. NYC friends, are you ready for this? Mustache pup and co[mpany] will be looking for foster and forever homes in the Big Apple the last week of August. Apply to foster or adopt today at, and tell us mustache pup sent you.”

Yes, Salvador Dalí in dog form could be yours—and so can her siblings and mom.

Gertrude Stein with her puppies
Hearts & Bones

Keeping with the art theme, the rest of very active and playful pups are named after other famed artists: Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Kara Walker, Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Fernando Botero, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Gertrude Stein (mama dog). Hearts & Bones told Mental Floss they’re overwhelmed with Dolly applications, but encourage New Yorkers to apply to foster and adopt the rest of this adorable brood.

Besides the artist puppies, Hearts & Bones has several other puppies and adult dogs waiting to be adopted or fostered. You can adopt Meryl Streep, Lloyd Christmas, Cher Horowitz, Harry Dunne, Charlotte York, Steve Carell, George Costanza, or the Stranger Things cast. If you’re unable to adopt or foster these dogs, you can make a donation to help cover their medical costs.

This Innovative Cutting Board Takes the Mess Out of Meal Prep

There's no way any of these ingredients will end up on the floor.
There's no way any of these ingredients will end up on the floor.
TidyBoard, Kickstarter

Transferring food from the cutting board to the bowl—or scraps to the compost bin—can get a little messy, especially if you’re dealing with something that has a tendency to roll off the board, spill juice everywhere, or both (looking at you, cherry tomatoes).

The TidyBoard, available on Kickstarter, is a cutting board with attached containers that you can sweep your ingredients right into, taking the mess out of meal prep and saving you some counter space in the process. The board itself is 15 inches by 20 inches, and the container that fits in its empty slot is 14 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, and more than 4 inches deep. Two smaller containers fit inside the large one, making it easy to separate your ingredients.

Though the 4-pound board hangs off the edge of your counter, good old-fashioned physics will keep it from tipping off—as long as whatever you’re piling into the containers doesn’t exceed 9 pounds. It also comes with a second set of containers that work as strainers, so you can position the TidyBoard over the edge of your sink and drain excess water or juice from your ingredients as you go.

You can store food in the smaller containers, which have matching lids; and since they’re all made of BPA-free silicone, feel free to pop them in the microwave. (Remove the small stopper on top of the lid first for a built-in steaming hole.)

tidyboard storage containers
They also come in gray, if teal isn't your thing.

Not only does the bamboo-made TidyBoard repel bacteria, it also won’t dull your knives or let strong odors seep into it. In short, it’s an opportunity to make cutting, cleaning, storing, and eating all easier, neater, and more efficient. Prices start at $79, and it’s expected to ship by October 2020—you can find out more details and order yours on Kickstarter.

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Fiona the Hippo Is Now on Cameo

Mark Dumont, Flickr // CC BY-NC 2.0
Mark Dumont, Flickr // CC BY-NC 2.0

Fiona the Hippo has earned her status as a celebrity. Born prematurely and weighing just 29 pounds in 2017, she became a sensation when she beat the odds and survived. Now, the Cincinnati Zoo's most beloved resident is taking her famous mug to Cameo.

Cameo is a service that allows fans to pay for personalized video messages from various celebrities. Most celebrities on the website are people, but that hasn't stopped Fiona from offering her star presence to the public.

For $100, you can request a custom video from the Cincinnati Zoo starring Fiona. A zoo staff member will recite the message while filming Fiona being adorable in her enclosure. One example video shows Fiona hanging out with her mom and snacking on some lettuce while her caretaker wishes the recipient a happy birthday.

Animal lovers who pay for a Cameo from Fiona will be supporting a good cause, too. Proceeds from the purchase will go to the Cincinnati Zoo, which is currently operating at limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a Cameo account, you can request your own video message for $100 here.

This isn't the first time the Cincinnati Zoo has used Fiona's popularity as a fundraising tool. Earlier this year, the zoo started selling the dung left behind by Fiona and other animals as garden fertilizer.