Lucky Charms and Jet-Puffed Teamed Up to Make Soft, Super-Sized Marshmallow Charms

Jet-Puffed / Jet-Puffed

Most people don't buy Lucky Charms cereal for the oat cereal pieces. Eating Lucky Charms is really just an excuse to have marshmallows for breakfast, and General Mills is well aware of this. As People reports, General Mills has teamed up with Jet-Puffed to create squishy, super-sized versions of Lucky Charms marshmallows that are available by the bag.

The new Lucky Charms marshmallows recreate four of the charms (or marbits, for marshmallow bits) made famous by the cereal: stars, hearts, four-leaf clovers, and blue moons. The shapes and pastel colors are similar to the original marshmallows, but the texture and size have been updated. Instead of tough, dehydrated marshmallows that need milk to soften up, these charms are perfectly soft and pillowy to begin with. You can use them anywhere you would use regular marshmallows: Bring them camping and roast them over a fire or break them out on a cold day and add them to your hot cocoa. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from snacking on them straight from the bag either.

The product is already available at select retailers, and beginning in September, they will be sold nationwide for the foreseeable future. One 7-ounce bag of puffed-up Lucky Charms marshmallows costs $1.50 and will be available on shelves with other Jet-Puffed items.

The last time Lucky Charms sold a special marshmallows-only product, fans had to scramble to get their hands on it. Boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms cereal were sold for a limited time in 2017, and General Mills released them again in 2019 following high demand.

[h/t People]