5 Weird Things That Have Fallen From the Sky

istock / istock


In 1876, a woman was making soap in her yard in Kentucky when small flakes of meat started falling from the sky. Two men who tasted the goods declared they were “either mutton or venison.” Scientists theorize that the “Kentucky meat shower” was caused by nauseated vultures.


In 1940, 16th-century silver coins rained down on a village in central Russia. Archaeologists believe the coins came from a buried trove that became exposed when the soil eroded, only to be later swept up by a tornado.


When about 40 birds mysteriously dropped onto the streets of Vienna in 2006, people worried the fowl were victims of avian flu. Veterinarians later determined that the birds became intoxicated after eating fermented berries, causing them to fall from the heavens, dead drunk.


In 2012, a 7-year-old boy saw a month-old puppy plummet into his grandmother’s backyard in Los Banos, California. A hawk had probably snatched up the pup, which managed to wriggle free. The boy adopted the dog, following his grandma’s advice: “When God drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it.”

5. A COW

In 2007, a couple was driving through Washington state when a cow landed on the hood of their minivan. The cow, an escapee from a nearby farm, had apparently fallen off a cliff 200 feet above the roadway. The couple escaped injury. The cow, sadly, did not.