The Odd Connection Between Stranger Things's Murdered Characters You Might've Missed

Shannon Purser as Barb Holland in Stranger Things.
Shannon Purser as Barb Holland in Stranger Things. / Netflix

Warning: This post contains spoilers for all current episodes of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things fans have never been the type of people to shy away from a good fan theory. One recent idea posted on Reddit has people wondering why they hadn't realized what could be a major connection between all the characters who have been murdered on the show, and speculating about what it could mean for the larger future of the Netflix series.

As reported by Seventeen, Redditor docdrazen posted that of, all of the characters who have died so far, the letter B has shown up more than just a few times. Between Benny and Barb's deaths in season 1, and Bob's in Season 2, the Redditor realized the trend even before season 3 was released and actually predicted that Billy would be next. "My dumb theory last year proved correct," the Redditor wrote, alongside a screenshot of their old post which speculated that Hawkins's bad boy would be next.

On top of that, Billy wasn't the only character with a B name who was killed in Season 3. Bruce, the journalist at The Hawkins Post who worked with Nancy and Jonathan, also met his demise.

Of course, many other characters were also killed, such as season 3's beloved Alexei. Nevertheless, it's still an interesting thought to speculate on for future deaths to come. While there aren't any major characters with B names left, we're curious to see if the trend will somehow continue in season 4. (If a season 4 is indeed confirmed.)

[h/t Seventeen]