Keep your holiday spirit high heading into the end of the year with a roster of quirky celebrations to fill these final weeks before Christmas.

1. December 2: Giving Tuesday

After indulging on Thursday, and shopping on Friday, Monday, and probably the whole weekend in between, Giving Tuesday, annually the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, encourages people to engage in charitable activities.

2. December 5: Prohibition Ends Anniversary

The day in 1933 that saw the repeal of the 18th Amendment and the ratification of the 21st Amendment isn't technically a holiday, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate it—with a stiff drink, naturally.

3. December 6: National Pawnbrokers Day

If you thought good ol' St. Nicholas was the patron saint of reindeer and stockings, think again: The actual Nikolaos of Myra was the patron of things like the falsely accused and pawnbrokers, and on this day we acknowledge the latter.

4. December 10: Jane Addams Day

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December 10 is the day that the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies have been held every year since 1901. Consequently, there are a lot of firsts that fall on this date, like the first American woman to be honored. That would be Jane Addams, founder of our current social work industry and prominent women's suffrage leader. On the anniversary of that award, given in 1931, we remember her life and work.

5. December 12: Official Lost and Found Day

This is the third annual such holiday, held on the second Friday of December, that encourages people to give one last effort to find whatever it is they have lost.

6. December 13: National Day of the Horse

In 2004, the Senate signed legislation to officially make the second Saturday of December the National Day of the Horse.

7. December 17: Wright Brothers Day

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Made an official holiday in 1963 by Presidential Proclamation, this holiday marks the day in 1903 when Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the first ever successful (documented) controlled airplane flight near Kitty Hawk, NC.

8. December 19: Underdog Day

Observed annually on the third Friday of December since 1976, this is a reminder to honor the little guy.

9. December 21: Forefathers Day

On December 21, 1620 (it was a Monday) the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts, and since that basically kick-started our country's history since then, we celebrate it.

10. December 26: Whiners Day

On the day after after Christmas, we take note of people who return gifts and their implied whining.

11. December 31: No Interruptions Day

Before you head off into the New Year's Eve night in search of champagne and midnight kisses, you have to get through the very last business day of the year. Make it a good one with intense focus and no interruptions.

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