Stranger Things Fan Puts Up Fake Jim Hopper Campaign Signs in New York

Netflix / Netflix

Election time is upon us, and with it comes awkward holiday dinners, arguments on social media, and hilarious Saturday Night Live skits. While it can be an overwhelming time for voters in the U.S., one Stranger Things fan decided to turn the election season Upside Down by adding their own candidate to the ballot.

A Reddit user posted a picture in the Stranger Things subreddit showing a campaign yard sign made by Buffalo-based artist Justin Mages that reads, “Jim Hopper: He’ll go to the Upside Down and back for you!” As if the fictional character running for county office wasn't funny enough, the sign also reads, “Paid for by Joyce Byers.”

Even in fictional elections, Joyce always has her friends’ backs.

Reddit users are loving the move, with many “casting” their votes for Hawkins, Indiana’s rough-around-the-edges police chief, played by David Harbour. It is unclear if we will see Hopper in the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things; he supposedly died in season 3 during an explosion while attempting to shut the gate to the Upside Down. But it seems he is very much alive in the local state election.

Vote for Hop!