Not Enough Wrapping Paper to Cover Your Gift? Try This Super-Simple Hack

Kritchanut/iStock via Getty Images
Kritchanut/iStock via Getty Images / Kritchanut/iStock via Getty Images

For many of us, the most stressful part of the holidays isn't shopping, traveling, or spending time with family: It's wrapping gifts. Our geometry knowledge is tested each year when it's time to cut wrapping paper. No matter how big the square is or how clean the angles are, there never seems to be enough paper to cover the entire package. The result is a wrapping job that's supplemented with unsightly patches and way too much sticky tape.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There's a wrapping paper hack floating around the internet that will conserve your time and your sanity this holiday season. Check it out in the video below.

Blossom Hacks shared the trick in a clip on Twitter that's received more than 131,000 likes. In it, a package is shown on a square sheet of green wrapping paper that's just too small to close all the way around the box—a common problem for inept gift-wrappers. But instead of giving up, the video's demonstrator simply rotates the box 45° so that it sits diagonally in the center of the square. Now when the paper is folded over the present, it provides complete, clean coverage.

The hack takes less than 10 seconds in the video clip, but it's sure to change a lifetime's worth of gift-wrapping habits for many viewers. If you plan to try it for yourself when preparing presents this year, test out these expert tips at the same time to optimize your gift wrapping experience.