Museum of Hangovers Opens in Croatia, Just in Time for New Year’s Eve

Museum of Hangovers
Museum of Hangovers / Museum of Hangovers

If you’ve ever woken up feeling dazed, confused, and dehydrated after a boozy night on the town, take comfort in the knowledge that you’re definitely not alone—and there’s a whole museum dedicated to proving it.

Earlier this year in Zagreb, Croatia, university student Rino Dubokovic and his friends were regaling each other with tales of past hangovers when Dubokovic came up with a way to recreate their entertaining morning-after conversations on a larger scale. According to CNN Travel, he opened the Museum of Hangovers just six months later.

Museum of Hangovers

In it, you can explore exhibits full of random objects people have found after a night out, try to keep from toppling over while wearing “beer goggles,” and even share your own unforgettable hangover stories. One chalkboard that asks people to finish the sentence “I woke up with…” features answers like “two stray dogs,” “one eye,” and “a lot of pumpkins.” The museum also includes a gift shop where you can purchase bar staples like darts or zany alcohol-related games like Drinkopoly.

Though Dubokovic’s establishment has been created with fun in mind, he’s careful to make it clear that it’s not meant to encourage binge-drinking or a reckless disregard for the dangers of over-imbibing.

“In the future, we want to make people aware of the bad things related to alcohol,” he told CNN Travel. Waking up surrounded by pumpkins, for example, seems hilarious and harmless—but knowing that someone lost an eye after one drink too many might make you second-guess your next 2 a.m. tequila shot.

The museum opened its doors on December 1, and Dubokovic wants to acquire more funding so he can expand and continue running it.

And, while a museum visit might not be scientifically proven to alleviate your worst hangover symptoms, these seven other hangover cures are.

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