The Girl Scouts Have a New Lemon Cookie Coming Your Way for the 2020 Season

Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts

If you’ve somehow mastered the impulse to toss back sleeve after sleeve of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and every other Girl Scout cookie in existence, the pint-sized harbingers of confectionery delight are about to test your reserve once more.

Feast your eyes on Lemon-Ups, the Girl Scouts’ latest irresistible sweet treat and quite possibly the nail in the coffin for more than a few New Year’s resolutions. Each crispy, naturally-flavored cookie is etched with one of eight empowering messages inspired by Girl Scout entrepreneurs, such as “I am an innovator” or “I am a leader.” None of them reads “I am going to eat this box of cookies in one sitting,” but “I am a go-getter” comes pretty close.

girl scout cookie lemon-ups
Girl Scouts

Lemon-Ups aren’t the Girl Scouts’ only lemony offering this year. They’ll also be selling Lemonades, simple shortbread cookies topped with lemon icing—a zesty take on fan-favorite shortbread cookies, Trefoils. Meanwhile, Savannah Smiles, the lemon-flavored, powdered-sugar-covered shortbread cookies from last season, have joined the ranks of Praline Royales, Upside Downs, and all the other discontinued Girl Scout cookies.

girl scout cookie lemonades
Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts have updated their cookie packaging this year, too. The boxes are still designed with the same set of vibrant colors that correspond to certain cookies—blue for Trefoils, red for Tagalongs, etc.—but they now also feature photos of current Girl Scouts partaking in activities like camping, exploring space science, and participating in community service projects.

girl scout cookie boxes
Girl Scouts

“The program is about so much more than cookies,” Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sylvia Acevedo said in a press release. “The important business and financial literacy skills girls learn through the program are proven to build their leadership skills and position them for success in the future. When you purchase cookies you are helping girls power their Girl Scout experience and you’re supporting female entrepreneurs.”

You can find out where to buy cookies from a Girl Scout troop near you by entering your zip code in the “Find Cookies!” box here.

The ChopBox Smart Cutting Board Has a Food Scale, Timer, and Knife Sharper Built Right Into It


When it comes to furnishing your kitchen with all of the appliances necessary to cook night in and night out, you’ll probably find yourself running out of counter space in a hurry. The ChopBox, which is available on Indiegogo and dubs itself “The World’s First Smart Cutting Board,” looks to fix that by cramming a bunch of kitchen necessities right into one cutting board.

In addition to giving you a knife-resistant bamboo surface to slice and dice on, the ChopBox features a built-in digital scale that weighs up to 6.6 pounds of food, a nine-hour kitchen timer, and two knife sharpeners. It also sports a groove on its surface to catch any liquid runoff that may be produced by the food and has a second pull-out cutting board that doubles as a serving tray.

There’s a 254nm UVC light featured on the board, which the company says “is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria" after a minute of exposure. If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to cleanliness, the ChopBox is completely waterproof (but not dishwasher-safe) so you can wash and scrub to your heart’s content without worry. 

According to the company, a single one-hour charge will give you 30 days of battery life, and can be recharged through a Micro USB port.

The ChopBox reached its $10,000 crowdfunding goal just 10 minutes after launching its campaign, but you can still contribute at different tiers. Once it’s officially released, the ChopBox will retail for $200, but you can get one for $100 if you pledge now. You can purchase the ChopBox on Indiegogo here.

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Move Over, Mister Softee: Margarita Trucks Are Bringing Cocktails to Your Doorstep

The margarita man cometh.
The margarita man cometh.
Camrocker/iStock via Getty Images

If anything could possibly rival the appearance of an ice cream truck on a sweltering day, it would be the sight of a similar automobile emblazoned with the word margarita heading down your street.

Residents of San Antonio, Texas, can now make that dream a reality. La Gloria, a restaurant owned by chef Johnny Hernandez, is bringing its signature margaritas and other popular menu items right to people’s doorsteps by way of bright pink “Margarita Trucks.”

MySA reports that the first truck has already started making deliveries within 3 miles of Crockett Park in downtown San Antonio, but additional trucks will venture as far as Dominion, Stone Oak, Alamo Heights, and other neighborhoods in the coming days.

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“Today, safety is top of mind for everyone, and many of our customers are simply not ready to dine out,” Hernandez said, according to “However, we know that doesn’t mean they don’t crave one of our famous margaritas.”

Those famous margaritas include La Gloria’s house recipe (on the rocks or frozen), as well as a variety of other refreshing flavors like prickly pear, mango, cucumber, and strawberry. The truck will also be stocked with a selection of taco kits and snacks like street corn, chips, salsa, and queso, and customers must purchase at least one food item with their alcoholic beverage.

Unlike ice cream trucks, the margarita trucks won’t exactly be cruising around town, ready to pull over for any spontaneous customer. Instead, they’ll operate more like regular food delivery services—you have to order and pay online in advance, and there’s an order minimum of $40.

While you’re waiting for some enterprising restaurateur to launch a fleet of margarita trucks in your city, learn how to make your own margarita at home with these priceless tips from a cocktail pro.

[h/t mySA]