Now Baby Yoda Is Looking to Take Over Your Breakfast With This Waffle Maker

You'll wonder how you ever had breakfast without it.
You'll wonder how you ever had breakfast without it. / Uncanny Brands LLC/GameStop
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Even though The Child—otherwise known as Baby Yoda—was pretty much kept under wraps until The Mandalorian was released, he (or she) still stole the show the minute its large eyes and oversized ears peaked out from his space crib. Since then, the fun-sized Force user has taken over social media and graced all sorts of merchandise, including animatronic dolls and Funko Pops. And now, the tiny green creature has set its sights on your breakfast table with the new Baby Yoda waffle maker ($40).

Adorable both inside and out, this kitchen tool stamps a portrait of Baby Yoda right onto your breakfast in the morning—all you'll have to do is decide whether to douse your golden piece of waffle art in syrup or frame it. The maker has five different temperature settings and a regulated thermostat, which allow you to cook waffles ranging from fluffy to crispy. And since it's nonstick, the waffle maker is easy to clean.

But if you’re like Baby Yoda, you like to switch meals up every now and again, which is perfect because you can also use this waffle maker to cook up some eggs, brownies, quesadillas, and pressed sandwiches.

The waffle maker won't ship until September, according to GameStop, but you can pre-order it here. In the meantime, you can brighten up your place with a retro-friendly Darth Vader or C-3PO clapper—or a wide range of other Baby Yoda products.

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