New Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Brings Mando Along for the Ride

Disney/Funko / Disney/Funko
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Gone are the days of hunting down bootleg Baby Yoda merchandise on the internet. The Mandalorian has been streaming on Disney+ for almost six months now, and Disney has fully caught up with demand for products related to the series's breakout star. Now fans are spoiled with the choice of three new Funko Pop!s modeled after Baby Yoda.

Each Funko collectible features The Child (the character's official name) recreating a scene from The Mandalorian. One depicts him holding a cup of broth ($13)—a moment from the show that became an instant meme. You can also own versions of Baby Yoda eating a frog ($13) and floating in his crib beside his caretaker, Mando ($30).


The characters have been redesigned in Funko's signature Pop! style, but instead of the classic figures, these toys are available as bobble heads. Baby Yoda has also been made into a more traditional Funko Pop! doll ($13) without any special accessories.

The three new Funkos of The Child are now available to pre-order from the Disney Shop, with shipping estimated for August 31. Here's some more Baby Yoda swag to fill out your collection in the meantime.

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