The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can also be referred to as the lucrative world of Harry Potter. Since J.K. Rowling’s books first came onto the scene in 1997, followed closely by the movie franchise, licensees have kept fans well-stocked in Potter paraphernalia, from games to apparel to LEGO sets. The latest comes from a familiar source—the Funko line of character Pops!—but now in a whole new dimension.

Funko has unveiled plans for its first-ever 18-inch super-sized Potter Pop!, a behemoth bearing the likeness of the boy wizard and his trusty sidekick, Hedwig. Harry sports his Gryffindor robe, scarf, and signature lightning scar.

A preliminary illustration of the super-sized Harry Potter Funko Pop! Amazon

This isn’t the company’s first foray into enormous collectibles. In September 2019, they issued an 18-inch Batman Pop!, which you can find on Amazon.

You can pre-order the imposing Potter Pop! on Amazon now. The figure retails for $100 and is expected to be released on July 1.

[h/t Nerd Much?]

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