You May Finally Have Enough Time to Find Waldo in This 1000-Piece Puzzle

Aquarius/Entertainment Earth
Aquarius/Entertainment Earth / Aquarius/Entertainment Earth
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If you were into seek-and-find books during the '80s and '90s, you no doubt remember Waldo. Or maybe you know him as Wally, which is how he was first introduced by creator Martin Handford in the UK in 1987. Whichever moniker he employs, Waldo is famous for lurking amid one social-distancing nightmare after another, staring out at the viewer from some small corner of a massively congested crowd scene.

The Where’s Waldo? book series has sold millions of copies worldwide, with people eagerly looking to find the global traveler in pictures in order to pass the time. You’ve probably got a lot of time on your hands now, which makes this new 1000-piece Where’s Waldo? puzzle such an appealing proposition. This time, Waldo has somehow found himself transported back to the age of the dinosaur, mingling in and around these formidable beasts wearing a candy cane-striped sweater for maximum visibility.

Aquarius/Entertainment Earth

You may find Waldo on the box itself, on a loose puzzle piece, or not until the entire 28-inch-by-20-inch scene is completed. Either way, it's sure to bring back memories of Waldo's heyday from a few decades back.

The puzzle is available at Entertainment Earth and retails for $17. It’s expected to ship in June.

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