These Are the Most Inappropriate Animated Disney Movies, According to Adults

Walt Disney Co.
Walt Disney Co. / Walt Disney Co.

Disney is particular about what kind of content it allows in its animated movies today, but that hasn't always been the case. If you've used your Disney+ subscription to explore the company's catalog, you may have found scenes that are violent, offensive, or just generally inappropriate for young audiences. A recent survey determined which of these movies have the worst reputations among adult Disney fans.

To see how kid-friendly Disney films really are in the eyes of the public, the online marketplace gathered data from 1371 people. The themes in Dumbo (1941) raised the most eyebrows, with 31 percent of respondents deeming it inappropriate and 26 percent saying they wouldn't show it to their kids. It was followed by Peter Pan (1953), which earned the inappropriate label from nearly 20 percent of people and got an inappropriate-for-kids designation from 24 percent of parents. Both movies feature racist caricatures and substance abuse (tobacco in Peter Pan, and booze-fueled, psychedelic hallucinations in Dumbo).

Not every movie on the list was made early in the company's history. Survey participants ranked Beauty and the Beast (1991) third on the list (perhaps for the suggestions of bestiality and Stockholm Syndrome). Fifteen percent of parents said they would shield their kids from The Little Mermaid (1989), another Disney Renaissance film. The climax features the villain getting impaled, which is one of three things Disney has since banned from its movies. The other two are smoking and beheadings.

The Walt Disney Company's tumultuous history hasn't always aligned with its squeaky-clean image. Here are some more facts about your favorite Disney films.

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